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Family medical plants (TOGA) are traditional herbal medical plants that can be cultivated at home yard. TOGA introduction can be started from an early age, like the kindergarten childrens, using interesting learning media. Toga benefits introduction and how to simply take care TOGA can be a media educative learning of TOGA and ways to shape the character and principles of early childhood independence.

Community service activities of "Planting and Caring introduction for Family Medicinal Plants (TOGA) at RA Al-Kautharkindergarten, Surakarta"aims to introduce and instill the importance of maintaining our health using all plants around usfrom an early age.The target of this activity is to develop alove for yourself and plants with provide knowledge about the types, how to cultivited and benefits of family medicine plants (toga) for them.

This activity is carried out in 3 step: the intoductions, implementation and evaluation, that was carried out consecutively on 8, 15 August and 12 September 2018.The activity was attended by 40 TK B RA Al-Kautsarchildren accompanied by 4 Ustadzah (teachers), 3 lecturers and 2 colleger.The initial step is full fil by the introductiontype, processed products of TOGA activity and painting the plant's pot that will be used for planting the TOGA in the next step. The implementation phase is the stage of planting the Toga by moving from the polybag to the pot of each child,and provide training on how to care from watering the plants till how to fertilizer. Evaluation step is to obtain information about the circumstances and the number of TOGA that have been planted in the previous step.

The results of the Toga planting, obtained 40 plants with 7 types consisting of aloe vera, binahong, cat whiskers, lavender, lemongrass, ginger, turmeric and white temu. After 1 month of treatment, 38 plants lived and grew in good condition, 1 ginger plant died due to dryness, and 1 turmeric is gone due revoked by the child. TOGA planting and care activities have been carried out well, all participants, especially kindergartens B RA Al-Kautsar, were very enthusiastic in participating in activities, as well as providing positive benefits and new educational knowledge for children

Keywords: Family Medicinal Plants (TOGA), introduce, planting, caring, kindergartens B RA Al-Kautsar