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Public awareness of food safety and nutrition causes people to give more attention to the quality and safety of vegetables consumed and wanting foods all natural and free of chemicals, from pesticides, hormones and fertilizers. The problem is not knowing partners vegetable cultivation technology package of environmentally friendly, both in terms of economic, health, and food security that can be implemented to take advantage of the yard. To overcome the problem of multiple partners to offer technology solutions that are technology transfer through mentoring, education, and demonstration plots.  The objective of this activity is functioning yard area around the housing by planting vegetables environmentally friendly biopesticide technology transfer "Basubio" as a biological control and biological fertilizers. Methods lectures and discussions were conducted as a medium of information transfer that is interactive and takes place in both directions. This method is an initiation program to expectations, the group partners will have a good basic knowledge about the knowledge of vegetable production in environmentally friendly ways to utilize the vacant land around their house, so as to create a comfortable environment, and the harvest can be consumed safely. Implementation of the program continued with the increasing skills through training members of the Dasawisma is equipped with a demonstration plot. The results of the activities undertaken include: the cultivation of vegetables vertikultur environmentally friendly, vegetable crops on vacant land that is not utilized, manufacture biofertilizer and biopesticide active ingredient B. subtilis, to support the health and food safety. The impact of this activity to increase knowledge and skills of the Dasawisma reached 95% and add a beautiful environment and the results of the vegetables can be utilized in their daily food needs.

Keywords: yards area, vegetable plants, verticulture, aquaponic