Pemberdayaan Masyarakat melalui Pengembangan Ekonomi Kreatif Aksesoris Bros di Mojosongo, Jebres, Surakarta

  • sugiarti sugiarti Universitas setia budi surakarta
  • Didik Setyawan
  • Adhie Tri Wahyudi
  • Ariefah Yulandari



Community service activities with the theme of community empowerment through the development of the creative economy of brooch accessories which were held in the Rinjani area, the association of guysup blooming, Mojosongo Village, Jebres District, Surakarta. The aim of this community service is to develop a small industry made of satin ribbon size 2.5 cm, 3 cm pins, beads and flannel mats, which are done directly by the guyup blooming association so that they can become strong entrepreneurs in facing the increasingly competitive industrial threats at this time. The service was carried out by practicing directly how to make brooches with several models of satin ribbons and beads. Partners are given training and knowledge about creative industries, creative industry production processes, business management management, marketing processes. The method used in the implementation of this training is direct counseling and practice of making handicrafts. The output targets to be achieved are a creative society with a creative mindset, a superior industry in the domestic and foreign markets, with the dominant role of local entrepreneurs, technology that supports the creation of creations and is affordable to the Indonesian people, the effective use of domestic raw materials for industries in Indonesia. creative economy. Partners can apply the basic feasibility of processing, namely by producing brooch accessories, being able to do entrepreneurship and increasing production, being able to manage financial and marketing management so that they can increase sales turnover so that they can improve the welfare of the guyup blooming community.

Key words: creative economy, brooch accessories products


Keywords: creative economy, brooch accessories products