• Muhammad Dzakwan
  • Jason Merari Peranginangin


Olive oil cream in cosmetics is very useful for skin nutrition because it is a complex mixture consisting of fatty acids, especially oleic acid, linoleic and a little linolenic, omega-3 and omega-6 which are also found in fatty fish such as salmon. Polyphenol antioxidant compounds are also present in olive oil and are useful in preventing the aging process. Omega-9 or Oleic Acid is widely found in oil. Omega-9 has the power of body protection that can reduce LDL, increase HDL is greater than Omega-3 and Omega-6. The stability of the cream will be damaged if disturbed mixing system is mainly due to changes in temperature and changes in composition. Cream preparations made in microemulsions have several advantages over the usual emulsions, among others, their transparent, thermodynamically stable appearance, enhancing hydrophobic solubility, and having better penetration of the skin due to their smaller globule size. Microemulsions generally contain water, oils, surfactants, and cosurfactants. The objectives of this activity are: 1) improving the quality and quantity of olive oil cream products through microemulsion technology for partner I and marketability through online sales strategy for partner II; 2) helping to create a creamy and comfortable product for the consumer; 3) produce a quality olive oil cream products in accordance with the requirements of Indonesia Pharmacopoeia and Cosmetics Codek Indonesia. The special target is the availability of microemulsion based quality olive cream products in accordance with Indonesian Pharmacopoeia and Kodek Kosmetik Indonesia. The result of the activity that has been done is

Training of microemulsion manufacture and olive oil cream manufacture successfully implemented by partner I and partner II; 2) Partners I and II have produced the standard formula of the oil cream and the standard method of making the method of microemulsion of oil in water (M / A); 3) Partners I and II have succeeded in applying microemulsion technology to olive oil creams by producing cream products that meet the physical quality test of cream preparations; 4) Partners I and II have acquired stand mixer tools and have been used to make olive oil creams

Keywords: Quality, microemulsions, cream, olive oil