Journal of Pharmaceutical Researchers

The Journal of Pharmaceutical Researchers Vol 1 No 1 is the inaugural edition of a journal that focuses on publishing scientific articles in the pharmacy field. As an innovative publisher, this journal aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the latest research among pharmaceutical scientists, researchers, practitioners, and related professionals.
Vol 1 No 1 marks the beginning of this journal's journey in providing a high-quality platform for authors to share their current research findings in various areas of pharmacy. The articles in this journal cover a wide range of topics, including drug discovery, formulation development, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, clinical pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, community pharmacy, social pharmacy, and other related topics.
The journal upholds scholarly standards and implements a rigorous selection process to ensure each published article's authenticity, quality, and relevance. Every article undergoes an objective and professional review process by an editorial team consisting of leading experts in the field of pharmacy.
The Journal of Pharmaceutical Researchers Vol 1 No 1 serves as a significant stepping stone for this journal to make substantial contributions to the advancement of pharmaceutical science and promote innovation within it. The journal is committed to providing substantial value to the academic, industry, and wider pharmacy communities.
It is expected that with the publication of Vol 1 No 1, the Journal of Pharmaceutical Researchers will become a leading reference source for professionals and researchers in the pharmaceutical industry while fostering collaboration and beneficial discussions for progress in pharmacy.

Published: 2023-07-31