Journal History

Below are the history of TEKINFO’s changes into a better journal:

  • TEKINFO started its publication in 2012 with ISSN 2303-1476 (Printed Version) and ISSN 2303-1867 (Online Version).
  • TEKINFO used platform of Online Journal System (OJS) Version 2 up to its 2017’s volume and then migrated into OJS Version 3 since May 2018.
  • TEKINFO amended its editorial team in August 2017.
  • TEKINFO used semi-online journal management (email based communication) up to its 2018’s volume.
  • Peer reviewers amended for volume 7, no 1, 2018.
  • Starting volume 7, no 2, in May 2019, TEKINFO made significant changes, such as: introduced and used a new article template, changed into a fully online journal management via OJS, and started using Crossref Similarity Check Powered by iThenticate in screening the plagiarism.