Focus and Scope

Jurnal Biomedika welcomes manuscripts on the topics including but not limited to clinical chemistry, hematology, cytohistology, immunoserology, microbiology, toxicology, molecular biology, biochemistry and chemical biology, and food analysis. Each submission covers the following scope.

  • Clicinal Chemistry: Laboratory medicine, evidence-based laboratory test, biomarkers, laboratory management, analytical techniques.
  • Hematology: Study on blood cells, blood diseases and disorders, and blood cancers diagnosis. 
  • Cytohistology : Studies on cells and tissues of benign and or malignant tumor and cancer, preparation methods of cells and tissues for diagnostic procedures. 
  • Immunoserology: Immune response on infectious diseases and allergy, discovery of immunomodulators, development of immunoserology-based diagnostic tools, development of immunoserology assay.  
  • Microbiology: Isolation and identification of bacteria and virus, anti-microbial resistance study, exploration of anti-microbial activity of chemical compounds, development of methods for bacteria test, and study on infectious diseases mechanism.
  • Parasitology: Infectious diseases caused by parasites including zoonosis, vector-borne diseases, and study on the development of diagnostic tools of parasitic diseases. 
  • Micology: Study on the fungal diseases on human, fungal identification, exploration of plant-derived anti-fungal compounds, and study on mycosis. 
  • Toxicology: Clinical toxicology, food toxicology, computational and predictive toxicology, and environmental toxicology.  
  • Molecular biology: Studies on cellular molecules, including nucleic acids and protein, genetics and epigenetics, development of molecular diagnostic tools and methods. 
  • Biochemistry and Chemical biology: Laboratory experimentation and or computational study on biomolecules, their interaction and mechanism, and the uses of chemical compound to deciphering biological process, discovery of hit and lead compound.