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Flavonoids, alkaloids, steroids, and tannins in bougainvillea leaves are thought to reduce total cholesterol levels. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of bougainvillea leaf ethanol extract (Bougainvillea spectabilis) to decrease the total cholesterol level of mice (Mus musculus) induced by high-fat diet for 21 days. This study true experimental using 25 male mice (Mus musculus) divided into 5 groups.. In the dose I, II, III treatment group were given bougainvillea leaf ethanol extract with doses of 40 mg/kgBW, 80 mg/kgBB and 160 mg/kgBB, negative controls were given CMC-Na and positive controls were given simvastatin. Giving is done orally for 14 days. The results of the study were analyzed using One-Way ANOVA analysis test and the results obtained p=0,000. Furthermore, the Post Hoc Tukey test was carried out, the results of which were not significantly different between positive controls and dose III. So, the effective dose of ethanol extract of bougenvillea leaves in decreasing total cholesterol levels in mice is dosis III (160 mg/kgBB) (Program Studi S1 Farmasi, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan Cendekia Utama Kudus).

Stool samples were examined using the PCR method to detect the presence of DEC strains namely EAEC, ETEC, and EPEC and EHEC. Three out of fifteen (20%) samples were known to be positive for Diarrhoegenic E. coli (DEC). ETEC strains were found in 2 (0,13%) sample, each from the Batulicin Health Center and the Pagatan Health Center, while EPEC and EAEC strains were found in the same 1 (0,07%) sample from the Pagatan Health Center. EHEC strain was not detected in all samples. Diarrhogenic E. coli strains found in this study are EAEC, ETEC, and EPEC. However, it cannot be ascertained yet that the three strains are the cause of the diarrheal disease, it needs to be further to do comprehensive research. The community should be able to increase awareness of the importance of clean and healthy behavior, especially food and beverages consumption, so it can reduce the number of diarrhea cases. (Balai Litbangkes Tanah Bumbu Kawasan Perkantoran Pemda Tanah Bumbu)


Published: 2019-09-30